Programming Haiku

Posted by Cody Y on May 19, 2019

Stuck on one last error,
Existential crisis sets in.
Oh, forgot to save.

Over cocktails
I talk ad nauseum of code.
No one else cares.

The longer I code
The more I try to refactor
Everything I encounter.

I sleep less these days,
Coding late into the night and
On into my dreams.

Each problem I have
In life I instantly wonder:
How could an app solve this?

Boolean is great:
A tool to reduce complexity.
Sadly, “real” life doesn’t always abide.

The more time spent coding
The less digital and analog
Seem distinct.

Belongs to? Has many?
I ask this daily for orientation.
Thanks, Ruby.

Feynman says to truly
Understand, teach it to a child.
He’s right.