Binary Blather

Some thoughts on web development and beyond.

Professional Development Tracker: A Rails+JS prototype app

Professional Development Tracker (PDT) is a prototype commissioned by Skookum, a digital strategy, UX design, and software development company with offices here in Denver. Skookum provides an annual allowance to employees to be used for professional development, e.g attending a conference, taking an online course, purchasing and reading a book, etc. PDT aims to allow Skookum more accurate tracking of their employees’ professional development.

Yoga Class Creator, or Adventures and Misshaps in Rails

Well, there you have it–I built a Ruby on Rails app. It feels pretty great, especially considering the effort required. I went into this project feeling pretty good about my handle on Rails, but nearly every step in this process through me a curve ball. These hiccups taught me a ton more and, by conquering them, also boosted my confidence, so I’m grateful for the opportunity.

Happy Hour Journal: My First Wep App

Happy Hour Journal (HHJ) arose from a discussion with a fellow cohort-mate who was building a tracker app for easy searching of nearby happy hours. Having found a spot for early-evening provisions, I figured the diner might like to be able to keep track of the who/what/when/where of their happy hour experience. HHJ requires creating an account and, from that point forward, logging in via a username and password. Follow the CRUD convention, HHJ allows users to log, browse, change, and delete journal entries.

Programming Haiku

Stuck on one last error,
Existential crisis sets in.
Oh, forgot to save.

Invisibility: an Adventure in Scraping, Regex, & Everything In Between

I just wrapped up my first CLI project, which was equal parts challenging and engaging. Best Music is a gem that scrapes and returns the previous 12 “Best New Albums.” You can browse by genre or score as well as generate a chronological list of albums. It was a ton of fun to build, and I actually intend on firing-up the program weekly to check out new music without the hassle of having to click through to each album review page for scores and descriptions.